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NP formula was created thanks to the development of nanotechnology in Europe in 2007.

The product went through the extraneous testing in simulation of the worst weather conditions. Hundreds of laboratory experiments that tested the properties and the performance of the product proved that the NP Formula product has no close competition.

In 2010 NP Formula developed a retail product line for consumers. By 2012 the products were already selling in 8 countries. By 2014 the products were distributed to 21 counties around the world. 2015 ended with NP Formula being supplied in a total of 43 countries around the world, the final country that made the list at the end of the year was Hungary. In the second half of 2015, NP Formula established an office and a manufacturing agreement in the United States. NP Formula reached a sales volume mark of $100 million and it is progressively continues to grow. At the end of 2016, 4 European countries and 2 countries in Asia signed exclusive distribution agreements with NP Formula.

what is NP Formula?

About 80% of equipment failures and electronic system errors result from damage caused by moisture– different types of moisture cause corrosion which destroys metal parts. Insufficient insulation and contamination of the power line can cause current leakage. Millions of dollars are spent to eliminate these types of damages. Powerful protection of equipment, metal components and conductor elements will reduce the expenses of buying spare parts and repairing equipment, and will significantly increase service life of equipment.

NP Formula is a global leader in anticorrosion protection and electrical insulation. This unique product maintains and restores electric conductivity of electrical components even after it comes in contact with moisture. These properties make NP Formula an innovative leader in protection against corrosion and moisture.


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