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Cassandra Godfrey, Oswego, NY

Hello, I wanted to contact someone regarding the 'Best product NP Formula'. I purchased this a while back and had not used it. I noticed the can sitting in my cupboard while spring cleaning & read the label. I realized that it helps electric products so I had an idea. About 6 years ago, I purchased a used car. The seller forwarned me that the key fob to the car did not work & hadn't for years, after falling into a lake.

Needless to say, I decided to soak my fob in this spray. I did not expect it to help but figured that I had nothing to lose. I sprayed the fob completely and forgot about it. The next morning, I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. As I started to manually unlock my doors, I remembered the NP Formula. I decided to try the fob (110% not expecting it to work).

Well to my absolute amazement, as soon as I pressed the button, my doors unlocked!! I was thrilled and tried the remaining buttons. Sure enough, Every Single Button Worked! I can not say enough good things about your product.

I truly wanted to jump online and write a glorious 5-star review for NP Formula. Unfortunately, my review account was restricted awhile back (completely unfairly).

Anyways, I am not sure if you have a website, but I would love to post a review for you. I will also give you my full permission to use any and all parts of this message for marketing. I am a true believer in your product & know it can help many, many people. The $13 can of NP Formula literally saved me almost $500 for a new Volvo key fob. That is incredible!!

Thank You, for a high-quality product, at an affordable price!! I only hope more people learn about its' wonderous abilities!


I am a retired building contractor and spend most of my time in my woodshop now. I find old metal parts and use them as legs for wood tabletops I build. Some things I find are too rusted for me to tear apart at my old age. My wife got me a bottle of NP Forula Anti-Corrosion Lubricant and it works like a charm on rusted bolts in screws. Another benefit is how quickly the spray evaporates which doesn’t leave a grease stain on the wood unlike other products I have tried.

NP Formula is exactly what our business has been lacking.

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