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It all depends on the type of the environment the equipment would be exposed to and working conditions the metals would be exposed to. In harsh environments like on marine water crafts, we guarantee a protection up to 6 months. Protection in homes and business located close to the ocean shoreline will last up to a year. In the middle zone location, 50 miles or more away from the ocean shoreline, we guarantee a protection up to three years.

In reality, our products are not the most expensive ones. Households and businesses end up buying anticorrosion and electrical insulation products that either temporarily or not at all fulfill their claimed protective functions and in the end the problems are not resolved. This is what typically happens; a bolt gets jammed or door begins to squeak, we go to the store, buy the product, and apply it to the problem. As a result, consumer temporarily sees the successful effect of the product and becomes satisfied with the result; however after a couple of weeks or months, the problem arises again. Now lets take a look at NP Formula. You purchase NP Formula product, apply it, and it functions for a long time. You end up getting a practical and inexpensive deal. One aerosol can of NP Formula will cover 22 square feet. I assure you that one aerosol can of NP Formula product will be enough for your whole house. For a year or even up to 3-5 years you will not see corrosion in your house. How do you feel now about the NP Formula products prices? Nanotechnology used in our NP Formula formulas is affordable considering millions of dollars that went into the development. We can talk about the properties and the quality of the NP Formula products endlessly; however, based on our experience, until consumers try the product themselves; they will not believe in it. People without hesitation get rid of their old technology like cell phones for the innovations; however, when innovations occur in our industry, it is typical that people treat it with distrust and skepticism.

DO NOT apply NP Formula to the equipment that is plugged into electricity because the product contains flammable propane/butane propellant. NP Formula must be applied to only unplugged equipment, following all the proper safety precautions.

NP Formula can be applied on the equipment that is exposed to water; however, NP Formula does not provide constant protection against electrolysis:
Equipment like paper capacitors, speakers and microphones with paper membranes will absorb water.
Radio equipment can be used under water, but its frequency will change

NP Formula will protect the surface for a long time from the extraneous environments such as salt water, salt, chemical reagents etc. Protection can be enhanced by applying Np Formula several times.

NP Formula products are labeled “extremely flammable” because they are sold in aerosol cans that contain extremely flammable propellants (propane and butane). Within 15 minutes after the application of NP Formula, NP Formula becomes non flammable.

NP Formula will NOT cause any damage to metal surfaces, plastic surfaces, rubber surfaces, glass surfaces, painted surfaces, ceramic surfaces etc.

NP Formula protective coating has dielectric properties which improve insulation resistance and electrical conductivity, and help to prevent current leakage. NP Formula products displace 100% of moisture from the surface and form an invisible elastic coating on the surface that does not harden over time. Within 24 hours insulation resistance is enhanced and electrical insulation properties of the surface are improved. In addition, NP Formula protective coating prevents electrical leakages and protects surfaces against oxidation. By applying Np Formula to electrically conductive contacts, the surface is cleaned of rust, oxidation, dust, and moisture is displaced; therefore, the electrical conductivity is improved. Current can easily pass through the electrical contacts because NP Formula protective layer is invisibly thin – only 2.5 – 3.0 microns.

The individual product datasheets are posted on Please feel free to contact NP Formula to get in touch with our engineers for more details as well.

During the application of NP Formula the surface temperature should not be lower than -40° F (at lower surface temperatures the product will be inefficiently distributed) and should not exceed +95°F

NP Formula products preserve their functionality at the temperature range from -112°F to +320 °F.

NP Formula can be applied when voltages go even as high a 100,000V. NP Formula will provide full protection against corrosion and oxidation.

NP Formula will reliably protect the metals, electrical equipment, and printed circuit boards from hydrogen sulfide gas.

After 15 minutes passed from the application of NP Formula to the surface, the 2-3 micron invisible protective coating has already formed and any excess spray left on the surface should be wiped away; however, it is recommended to let the surface sit for 24 hours for complete penetration for better results. After 24 hours, paint can be applied on top of NP Formula protective coating.

NP Formula can be applied on the painted surfaces and it will protect the surfaces from moisture.

NP Formula can be applied when voltages go even as high a 100,000V. NP Formula will provide full protection against corrosion and oxidation.

In order to apply NP Formula on cell phones and other electronic equipment, it is necessary to disassemble them first. It is recommended to let the specialist disassemble, apply NP Formula, and reassemble electronic devices.

When NP Formula is applied on electronic devices (such as cell phones, laptops, radios, TVs, audio equipment etc.) to protect against moisture, oxidation and short circuits; the NP Formula product will have adverse affects if applied on:

LCD monitors
Cell phone screens
Laser and video optics

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